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When it comes to getting results I am the creator of your path and the engineer to your progress however at the end of the day it is YOU that has to be putting in the hard yards in order to achieve your goals. I can guarantee you the results if you're consistently putting in the work and earning them. Below are just a handful of either past or present clients who have progressed under my guidance. My intrinsic motivation is fuelled by the rewarding feeling I get when a client reaches a goal or bursts through a plateau, this is what truly drives me! 


'Hayden is down to earth and a very approachable guy. I started training with Hayds in September 2016 and since then have seen some great results. He always has an eye out to make sure my technique is correct which gives me the confidence I need in the gym to push past barriers'


'Before I started training with Hayden, I was a predominantly sedentary person who would play World of Warcraft of Super Smash brothers for 16 hours of my waking day. I never exercised unless I was walking to the shops to get snacks or walking from University classes. I ate terribly, my diet consisting of bacon and egg sandwiches every morning and sometimes even for lunch with pizza for dinner.


I had always told myself all through my teenage years that I would never let myself become overweight and I could start to feel myself becoming really unhappy with how I looked as well as how I felt. It really sunk in when I realized my pants had gone from a size 32 to a size 34 in a couple months and my size 34 pants had started becoming tight only a month or 2 later…


After some real consideration, I asked Hayden if he would be willing to take me on as a client and without any hesitation he joyfully accepted me and immediately started working on my goals and discussed program options.


It has now been over 6 months of working with Hayden. His personality and impeccable knowledge of training styles, dietary knowledge and the way the human body works and adapts are 2nd to none. Every session, I walk in to large smile and pumped up attitude which gets me ready for my session. I have come so far from what I was. My body is in the best shape it has EVER been, I feel strong, confident and healthy within myself that I have now made plans to become a fire fighter. I couldn’t have become what I am today without the guidance and motivation of Hayden. I can’t thank him enough'


'Training with Hayden Crossley has been quite beneficial to my progress to push past some of my plateaus. As a qualified sport scientist, I am well equipped when doing strength and conditioning for myself but getting an outside opinion is vital when you want to get more out of yourself. Hayden has extensive knowledge in strength and conditioning especially exercises specific to your sport, which in my case was soccer.

Hayden was able to tweak my form and modify my exercises that really helped me lift more than I ever could with the right form. He was helping me in certain situations where I couldn't see what was going wrong and that was the reason I could not progress to a heavier weight and I was struggling with tightness during these exercises. He has helped me immensely for someone that already has great knowledge, so you can only imagine the kind of service he can offer you. Cheers mate, it's a pleasure working with you'


I have been training with Hayden online now for approximately 4 months. I find him to be extremely easy to understand and creative with my training keeping things interesting in the gym which is important for me and my motivation levels. I would recommend to family & friends

If you are willing to put in the hard work, your goals are achievable. Hayden has the natural ability to coach, motivate and make the journey enjoyable. I've learnt so much in the process and I'm grateful for the experience'


'Training with Hayden was everything you'd want from a personal trainer, challenging, diverse and tailor made to suit whatever your goals may be. His care for his clients and ability to hold himself accountable for your progression and development as much as you do is exactly what a personalised training experience should be about. Having a thorough understanding, knowledge and skill set in fitness and health along with his ability to provide systematic and motivating feedback to ensure you are constantly developing towards your goals is what makes him really stand out from the rest and I would highly recommend his services to friends and family'



Although I may be bias because Hayden is my brother, he is hands down one of the best coaches in Melbourne. The time and dedication that I see him putting into work for his clients is just above and beyond. I have absorbed a lot from Hayden regarding health and fitness and my body has progressively changed over the years and I feel great! 


'Hayden's knowledge and motivation techniques are truely out of this world. Sessions with him are always creative and fun, we would highly recommend HVC to friends and family'






Hayden is by far one of the best trainers I've ever had. He is encouraging, driven and has a vast knowledge of his profession, always being able to answer any questions I throw at him. He sets me up with training programs/meal plans that suit my needs and he always pushes me to limits I didn't know I could even reach. Hayden has helped me smash countless PB's and helped me become a stronger and fitter version of myself. Even though training can be hard and tiring, Hayden somehow manages to make it fun. I look forward to seeing what Hayden can help me achieve in the future. Cheers Hayds'


'Hayden is one of the most amazing people I've had the opportunity to train with. He was always changing up my training to suit what my body was capable of doing which is the most important aspect for me. He taught me a lot about nutrition that I previously wasn't aware of. I saw great physical results without being obsessive or restrictive with my eating'


Daniel was a little hypertrophy project of mine in late 2016. Before taking him on Daniel was your typical 'broscientist' always trying to lift heavier every session and as a result often sacrificing form and range of motion.

I approach any client using 3 steps before taking them for sessions:

FULL BODY ANALYSIS: Identify client postural imbalances and recommend which training path to take based on body composition goal.

MOVEMENT COACHING: Analyse client movement across compound lifts and natural gait. What movements do we need to regress and work on? Are there any muscular imbalances impacting performance? Daniel is a naturally strong lad however initially struggled with engaging specific muscles during a movement (eg scapular retraction to fully activate lats when doing a pull up or firing glutes by pushing through your heels when squatting). This is critical especially when focussing on aesthetics/physique as a goal.

PROGRAM DESIGN AND DIET: Design & implement a program based on the analysis findings and educate client on how to eat to compliment the process. In Daniel's case we focussed on hypertrophy with only a minimal calorie surplus and timing carbohydrate intake based on training/activity time considering his BF% was initially quite high. 

Daniel added 5kg of muscle and increased strength and technique across all lifts. Super work Daniel, proud of you buddy! 

'Hayden really knows his stuff, I always knew I was in great hands'


'I was put into contact with Hayden through a client of mine, it's always hit or miss making a connection with anyone in life, let alone someone who's taking control of your body and pushing you to limits you don't push yourself, Hayden from the get go was professional, personable and great at what he does, my body changes were noticeable to others and myself in only just a couple of months!'


Hayden is not only a close friend, but an amazing trainer that helped with with weight/fat loss. He constantly pushes me to strive to new heights and always brings a great energy. He always has your best interests at heart and I can't thank him enough for all the hard work and effort he puts into every individual he helps!!


'Training with Hayden was a great, unique experience, learning the functionalities and methods behind strength training. Great sessions with great results. Thank you Hayden'













I love training with HVC Fitness, the programs are individually created according to my specific goals. Each session is highly motivating and informative. Hayden's dedication to his clients is above and beyond, he is not a coach but a great mentor too!'


was often training sporadically without any real structure, my sessions in the gym would focus predominantly on body part splits which at the time I thought was the most efficient training method for gaining size! My muscles would be sore after training but I wasn’t seeing my physique change as I would have liked it to! My technique was rusty through most movement patterns before being educated on proper human biomechanics by Hayden and I often ate large, frequent meals that I’m now aware were packed with excessive amounts of protein and calories that turned out to be counterproductive!


Over the course of the past 12-months my physique has transformed and I couldn’t be happier. Packing on 5KG of lean muscle while training with HVC Fitness. I was given a new perspective on training and nutrition, It really is interesting what layers in your training can be uncovered or critiqued with a good coach behind you! These days I complete training splits and exercises that I never would have thought I’d be doing in the gym but I’m feeling stronger, leaner and fitter than I ever have before whilst it's really helping me as I study my Diploma of Fitness. I would highly recommend HVC Fitness to any family & friends! This is more than just standard personal training!


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