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November 25, 2019

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June 21, 2019


After 12+ years experiencing, teaching and learning within the fitness industry I’ve developed some permanent lifestyle habits which have now been ingrained into my daily behaviour for the best. Practicing the following daily mindsets has helped me; Make consistency effortless, eating well a preference and training an enjoyable & therapeutic escape!


➡️ BE VERSATILE: Stay disciplined with your mentality and commit to a process but learn to adapt changing environments so that no hurdle is ever too high, this will go a long way with long term consistency! “I am a man of fixed and unbending principles, the first of which is to be flexible at all times”


➡️ BECOME YOUR OWN MOTIVATION: Stop comparing yourself to anyone other than who you were yesterday. Achieve your own personal goals often, no matter how big or small, just make sure they’re meaningful. Eventually you become your own inspiration and biggest competition. This is a powerful position to be in that makes it very difficult to stop training.


➡️ LEARN ABOUT FOOD: Find YOUR approach to nutrition that is both enjoyable and sustainable. Understand which foods and how much food your body responds best to based on how you feel and look. Manipulate from there based on your goal.


➡️ CHECK YOUR SURROUNDINGS OFTEN: Are you surrounded by people that match your desired mindset? It’s all well and good having a lone wolf mentality but are those that you do inevitably interact with regularly negatively or positively impacting your behaviour and lifestyle? This has a colossal long term effect on your goals/results.


.... Underpinning all of the above points is CONSISTENCY. Consistency builds habits. Period. Keep plugging along wherever you are in your journey and never stop growing!


With love,


Hayden ❤️




#HVCFitness #Lifestyle


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