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November 25, 2019

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November 25, 2019


👉Understanding repetition ranges and muscular responses


➡LOW REPS: 1-5

Goal: Strength Development

When a load is placed on a muscle the slow twitch fibres will be recruited first, if the slow twitch fibres can not generate enough force they will call on the intermediate fibres followed by fast twitch fibres. That means working in this range recruits most muscle fibres due to the demand of the load which makes it most beneficial for strength gains because the most force is produced. Force generation = strength development. Optimal rest periods b/w sets: 3-5 minutes



Goal: Strength->Hypertrophy

The goal here is essentially to increase muscle size. Working in this rep range will damage the muscle by causing micro tears via repeated muscular contractions. The body repairs damaged fibres through a cellular process where muscle fibres fuse together and form new, thicker and stronger muscle protein strands (or myofibrils). Optimal rest period b/w sets: 1-3 minutes


➡HIGH REPS (12+)

Goal: Muscular Endurance

High rep training will increase the lactic threshold meaning how fast bi-products (fatigue) is accumulated in a muscle. Training in this range will allow you to sustain repeated contractions against a resistance over an extended period of time. Optimal rest period b/w sets: 30s-1minute

One thing you need to understand is these rep ranges work interchangeably meaning you don't need to stick to a specific rep range just because of the category it falls under and it doesn't mean you can't get stronger just because you're not working with low repetitions or you can't build muscle unless you're working within the hypertrophy range, these are just the optimal ranges for each respectable goal. I personally will start my sessions with strength focussed or power development training (3-5 reps) when my energy levels are at their highest and then increase reps for my accessory work (8 reps) to accommodate my hypertrophy/physique goals.


Here is a sample template for a lower body session with the goal being to increase strength and build muscle simultaneously:


•Deadlifts 1x2, 3x3, 2x5
•Front Squats 3x5, 1x8
•DB Bulgarian Split Squats w/ Pause 3x8ea
•KB Swings Superset KB Reverse Lunge 3x8x8
•Calf Raises 4x15-20


Notice the heavier strength sets are completed at the start of the session when the body is fresh.



#HVCFitness #HaydenCrossley

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